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Information about the Democratic Caucus

Dear Hastings Democrats,

As we come closer to the Caucus at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 23rd, and in response to some of the questions we’ve received, I’d like to share with you these details about what to expect.

With regard to general COVID safety:

  1. We kindly request that all who are not participating directly in the nominations (as candidates, nominators, or seconders to nominators) view this part of the proceedings remotely using this link:

  2. We suggest that all persons planning to attend in person at the James V. Harmon Community Center (JHCC) for an extended period of time get a COVID test in advance of the Caucus. We can’t legally mandate this, but we encourage all participants to do their part to protect our community.

  1. We ask that all in-person attendees work to keep physical distance to the extent possible.

  1. By State mandate, all persons entering the JHCC must wear a mask. Anyone in attendance at the JHCC who refuses to wear a mask will be asked to leave.

With regard to the voting procedure:

  1. Voting is in-person only at the JHCC. There are no proxies or absentee ballots.

  2. After all nominations have been made, the polls will be opened for a three-hour period. Anyone still standing in line at the end of the three-hour period will be able to vote.

  3. Voters should be prepared to wait outside, while ushers at the front entrance to the JHCC regulate the flow of people into the building and limit crowding in the indoor spaces. We will do our best to accommodate members of the community who are elderly, disabled, or otherwise indicate to us that they need special assistance.

  4. Once inside, voters will be directed to a check-in table at the front of the big room, where they will be asked to write their name/address/signature on a slip of paper.* Ballots will be handed out individually, as each person’s information is confirmed against the roll of currently enrolled Hastings Village Democrats * These slips will comprise the record of participants that we are required to supply to the Westchester County Board of Elections after the Caucus.

  5. The only name that will be printed on the ballot is that of the Committee’s endorsed candidate. To facilitate the write-in process, the names of all the nominated candidates will be posted above empty tables on either side of the room.

  6. The ballot box will be placed by the rear exit of the big room. We ask that voters leave the building immediately after casting their ballots.

  7. Two Committee volunteers serving as Tellers will guard the ballot box for the three-hour voting period. In addition, each candidate may designate a ballot box observer (or as many as three observers to serve in shifts, one person at a time).

  8. Electioneering is not allowed inside the JHCC or immediately outside while the polls are open.

After the polls have closed:

  1. The Tellers will conduct a count of the vote, with the candidates’ observers in attendance. Misspellings on ballots will be accepted as valid, as long as the names are recognizable.

  2. Once the count is complete, the proceedings will resume for the announcement of results and candidate acceptance speeches.

  3. We will livestream these proceedings, until the Caucus has been brought to a close.

For those wishing to better familiarize themselves with our process, see the Caucus Procedure on our website.

Please share any concerns you have with me at Thank you in advance for your cooperation and your participation.



Cassandra Sweet, Chair

and the Executive Committee of the

Hastings Democratic Committee

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