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July 13, 2024
Dear Hastings Democrats,
The Hastings Democratic Committee held a special meeting on July 10th to discuss the position of our party as we head toward the nominating convention in August and general election in November. Following a difficult and frank discussion with one another, the majority of our district leaders voted in support of the letter below, which we have sent directly to the leaders of our party. 
This has been an especially trying few weeks to be a Democrat. As we all contemplate the next big steps for our leaders, our party, and our country, let’s not lose sight of the small, but deeply meaningful and impactful opportunities to fight for our cause.
On that note, many of us will be going door-to-door in the coming weeks to help Mondaire Jones win back Congressional District 17 (immediately to our north and in Rockland County) and advocating for voters to flip the ballot and vote "yes" on Prop 1 to pass the NY Equal Rights Amendment to enshrine abortion and other critical rights in the NY State Constitution. Moving into the fall, we will be out for our entire Democratic ticket, from national to village office.
Please send an email to if you would like to join in! And, as always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or feedback. 


Cassandra Sweet
Chair, Hastings Democratic Committee
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Dates to Know

2024 General Election

  • Mail Registration Deadline: must be received by October 26

  • In-Person Registration Deadline: October 26

  • Early Voting: October 26 through November 3

  • Election Day: Tuesday, November 5


Find all your voting information at the Westchester County Board of Elections.

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