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March is Petition Month!

Help us to get Democratic candidates on the November 2024 ballot! Please open your doors as we stop by with designating petitions during the month of March.

We'll be carrying petitions for:

  • Electoral District (your local District Leaders)

  • Village of Hastings-on-Hudson (Trustees and Justice)

  • Westchester County (Family Court, County Court, and District Attorney)

  • Assembly District 92 (State Assembly member, State Party members)

  • Senate District 35 (State Senator)

  • Congressional District 16 (U.S. Congressional Representative)

About signing petitions...

Signing a designating petition does not equal an endorsement, a promise as to how you will vote, or any other pledge of support. It is only an agreement to put a candidate/slate on the ballot.

After signing for one candidate/slate, do not sign for any other candidate or slate for the same office(s). To qualify for the June primary election, each candidate/slate must have the required number of valid signatures from a unique set of voters.

Your signature should legibly resemble the signature you provide when you sign in at the voting booth. Use your full name as it appears in your voter registration; no nicknames or initials. Do not print your name, unless that is your signature of record with the Board of Elections.

Take your time and ask questions. You should always make sure to understand w
hat races you are signing for, as well as who is carrying the petition. (Their name and address should be filled in under "Statement of Witness" at the bottom of each petition sheet.) These interactions are also a great way to provide your feedback to the Hastings Dems about local politics and the work we do as Democrats.

We can't get candidates on the ballot without your signatures. By signing designating petitions, you're helping to make the democratic process happen. Thank you!



Why is petitioning done so far ahead of the election?


Per the NYS Board of Elections' Political Calendar, we carry petitions in late winter in order to qualify our candidates for the June primary preceding the next November general election. The deadline we adhere to has time built in for the County Board of Elections to certify petitions, create ballots, and administer overseas/military and early voting. The calendar under which we operate is issued each year in accordance with NYS Election Law.


Upcoming dates:


Presidential Primary Election: Tuesday, April 2

  • March 23–30 - Presidential Primary Early Voting

  • April 2 - Presidential Primary Day (last day to vote)


Federal, State, and Local Primary Election: Tuesday, June 25

  • June 15–23 - Primary Election Early Voting

  • June 25 - Primary Election Day (last day to vote)

Find all your voting information at the Westchester County Board of Elections.


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