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GEORGIA LOPEZ and her husband, Joe, married in Hastings in 2003 and fell in love with the village.  They officially moved to Hastings in 2008 along with their son, and welcomed a daughter in 2011.  Georgia is an executive recruiter.


In 2016, Georgia started Hastings RISE with a small group of residents to open up conversations around race and social equity in the community.  This led to her appointment to the board of trustees in 2017; she was elected to the board in 2018.


Georgia has dedicated herself to improving the quality of life for Hastings residents.  She is addressing complex traffic and pedestrian issues in the village, including downtown improvements and sidewalks and the southern corridor.  She has been working with the PTSA traffic safety committee to make the school zone around the Middle and High schools safer.


Additionally, Georgia is the board liaison with the Downtown Advocate, creating events that are talked about across Westchester.  She works closely with our Police Department and residents to help make Hastings a more inclusive and equitable community.


MORGEN FLEISIG grew up in upstate New York and moved to Hastings with his wife, Margie, in 2014. He has practiced architecture for nearly thirty years and has enjoyed collaborating with experts and craftsmen from all fields in a wide range of projects: from the design of small hand-held mass-produced products to homes, office towers, hospitals, museums and cities. He recently completed an ambitious project with a large multidisciplinary team at WarnerMedia’s headquarters as part of the extensive Hudson Yards revitalization project and is currently consulting with an international team on the development of a revolutionary new video display surface. Morgen earned his bachelor’s degree from Columbia College, and master’s degrees from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and New York University.


Morgen is passionate about the power of planning and zoning to help people achieve their goals and ambitions, while respecting their neighbors' desires for peace and tranquility.  He was first called to public service by the Hastings Waterfront and its potential, and was appointed to the Waterfront Rezoning Committee, where he helped craft a plan to achieve Village consensus in this on-going effort.  He is committed to the remediation and redevelopment of that property so that it benefits all residents of Hastings and leaves the Hudson River and its shoreline healthier and more accessible for all living beings.


Morgen approaches each issue with the core principle that we should leave it better than we found it, whether it be ensuring the new Ravensdale Bridge will be a fitting Village gateway, finding ways to maintain our Village character and manage traffic while still supporting growth, or making certain the Police and Fire Departments and all our other government services have the tools and support they need to succeed.  Morgen is committed to not just solving isolated problems, but in solving them, to improve everything they touch, both manmade and natural.

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